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A personalized apron with a pretty and simple crocheted edging.
This apron is made using a hand printing technique and crocheted edging technique. It could be used as a kitchen, craft, or gardening apron.

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  • How to make a full apron. Monogrammed Apron With Crocheted Edging - Step 1
    Step 1

    The text listed in the materials sections refers to your monogram. You will need to select the font of your choice (I used Pheonix) to create your monogram, then print it out on standard printer paper. Make it large enough to cover the standard printer paper.

    Create your stencil: Lay your piece of freezer paper glossy side down onto your cutting board. Take your printed out monogram and lay it on the freezer paper, printed side up. Tape in place. Use your x-acto knife to cut out your monogram, and carefully pull away the letters.

  • How to make a full apron. Monogrammed Apron With Crocheted Edging - Step 2
    Step 2

    Transfer: Pre-wash your apron, and iron your apron to get rid of any wrinkles. Take your stencil and place it onto your apron. Gently iron in place. I used a bit of tape on the edges to keep it secure. Once your stencil is ironed on, Take your sponge brush and dip into your fabric paint. Dab your brush on a napkin to blot out excess ink. Dab inside your stencil until your stencil area has been covered. You may have to go over your stencil area several times to get the coverage desired. Let the paint dry completely. Remove your stencil, and use your small paintbrush to fill in any areas that may need darkening or lines that need to be sharpened. Let your apron dry completely before adding the edging.

  • How to make a full apron. Monogrammed Apron With Crocheted Edging - Step 3
    Step 3

    Edging: Start at any point on the edge of your apron by using your tapestry needle to poke little holes about a thumbnail apart from each other. Create your hole right where the seem stops on the inner part of your apron. I create about 4 holes at a time, crochet through them, and then create another 4. Take your hook and pull your yarn through from the back of the apron and ch 1. 2 sc in same hole. ch 1 and 3 sc into next hole. Repeat around. When you get to the straps and strings, just work your yarn around the backside and crochet as normal. When you reach the beginning of your edging, ss into your first sc and fasten off.

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