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Mixed Media With Origami Paper And Acrylic Paint

Make Mixed Media With Origami Paper And Acrylic Paint with Sunnyside Art Supplies • Posted by Shop Showcase

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  1. Small 2018 03 01 144300 tutorial%2b2.%2b 1.drawing%2band%2btracing%2bpaper

    Draw your design on paper and trace the drawing onto the transparent tracing paper. TIP: (the transparent tracing paper will make it easier to see what area of the origami paper you want for your design). Put the drawing of the transparent paper on the area of the origami paper you want. Then slip the black transfer paper in between the origami paper and the transparent tracing paper. Trace over it with a pen. TIP: (tracing over with a pen lets you see which area you already traced).

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    Paint your background and after it dries, trace your drawing onto it using the black transfer paper. This is to let you know where to place your cut origami paper. Before pasting them down, use the Molotow Acrylic Markers to trace an outline around all your cut out origami paper pieces. To paste, brush the matte acrylic medium on the back of the origami paper and place them in the proper spot. TIP: (using matte acrylic medium is easier than using a glue stick because it allows you to take it off and move it if you need to, whereas once you place a piece with a glue stick it usually sticks and can't be moved as easily.

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    Varnish with a 2" brush to protect your masterpiece!