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nice and warm :)
pic 1 - wearing a mitten
pic 2 - wrist part
pic 3 - picking up stitches from thumb piece
pic 4 - finished knitting

You could use any yarn really, as long as the gauges are the same. As you can see from the pictures above I made a pair with a cable but of course you could use all sorts of different patterns or colours or even use intarsia to make a pair to your own taste.
(they took me 3.5 hours to finish...aprox)

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  • Step 1

    YARN: Katia Flama color 9605
    (Gray, Blue, Purple)

    GAUGE: 17st. x 35 row (with needle no.5) 10cm or 4" in stockinette st.

    used stitches:
    - STOCKINETTE: knit right side of work, purl wrong side
    - BORDER ST. *knit 1, purl 1*

    knit left and right mitten at same time using two balls of yarn. follow this pattern for both left and right.

    For one mitten: cast on 28 st. with needle no. 4
    knit 4,5cm (2.7") border st. 1/1

    knit 6cm (2.5")with needle no.5 in stockinette st.

    slip first 12 st. onto big safety pin, slip next 4st. for thumb piece onto your knitting needle and put last 12 st. onto safety pin as well

    for thumb piece:
    Cast on 2st. on beginning and end of the 4 st. (you now have 8st. )

    knit 2 tog when thumb piece measures 6cm (2.5"), pull thread through remaining st. and close seam with sewing thread.

    put all st. you kept on the safety pin back on your knitting needle.

    knit 12st and create 4 new st. picked up from thumb piece, knit last 12 (28 st.)

    continue to knit in stockinette st. till piece measures 7cm (2.7").

    For left mitten knit st. no.13/14 together (for right mitten no.15/16)

    Knit the two middle stitches together another 3 times on right side of work. Knit 2st. together both ends 3 times in every second needle (right side of work).

    Continue knitting the stitches in the middle and the stitches at both ends together for 4 rows total. both right and wrong side. Cast off all stitches.

    Turn right sides together and close the mitten with a small seam. Turn inside out, do the same with the other mitten and wear ;)

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Roma · 19 projects
Lovely mittens!

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