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20 mins

FINISHED SIZE: necklace 68cm, pendant 7cm

Posted by Photobeads from The Hague, South Holland, The Netherlands • Published See Photobeads's 30 projects »
  • Step 1

    1. String the photobead onto the eye pin and make a simple loop.
    2. String one bead of each colour on a head pin and make a simple loop attaching each bead to the
    3. Using the jump ring attach the lobster clasp to the pendant. You can use this pendan necklace or as a charm for your bag, cell phone or key ring.

  • Step 2

    4. String one bead onto the leather cord; leaving a piece of 8cm cord free on one end and tie a tight simple
    knot around the bead.
    5. Put 1 bead aside and tie all other beads to the cord with approximately 2,5cm (1”) distance from each
    6. String the last bead onto one end of the cord and pass the other end of the cord through the bead in the
    opposite direction. Tie a tight overhand knot over the bead and trim 7. Attach the pendant to the necklace using the clasp.

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