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Yoda plushie
Another bored night, resulted in this for my bf!
Its all hand sewn as well beacuse i was too lazy to get up and find my sewing machine! He has bead eyes and his ears are supported by pipe cleaners in the top so they can be shaped round!

I never got round to doing his clothes (poor guy) but my bf didnt seem to mind ^_^

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  • How to make a Yoda plushie. Mini Yoda (Excuse His Nakedness) - Step 1
    Step 1

    Ok i struggled to remember how i did this!

    In the pic is my poor quick attempt at pattern pieces.

    First sew around the head leaving a gap to stuff it and turn the right way out. Stuff and sew up the gap.

  • Step 2

    Sew arms and turn right way out and stuff. (You can attach arms autside the body or sew them into the seam of the body.)
    I attached them into the body.
    when stffed lay them between the body pieces (between the right sides) and then sew around the body leaving a gap to stuff.
    stuff the body and sew up the gap

  • Step 3

    Next sew around the feet leave a gap and stuff and sew it closed.

    Attach feet to bottom of body.

  • Step 4

    sew beads on head for eyes.

    Attach head to body.

  • How to make a Yoda plushie. Mini Yoda (Excuse His Nakedness) - Step 5
    Step 5

    This bit is even harder to explain!

    the ears, cut them out.

    I used a little bit of a pipe cleaner in the top tab roled the pipe cleaner up in the fabric tab and sew the rolled fabric to the flat ear bit! then attach to the head.
    The dodgy pic is the ear and red is the pipe cleaner!!

    Hopefully this all makes sense to you all haha. If not comment nd i will try and explain it better...hopefuly

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Lemon Jelly
Lemon Jelly · Herschberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, DE · 2 projects
Oh my GOODNESS! I'm going to make like, fifty of 'em! Hehe.
Jackie W.
Jackie W. · Grand Junction, Colorado, US
reminds me of gremlins lol
Courtney  B.
Courtney B. · 1 project
Sooo cute!
rebecca o.
rebecca o. · 10 projects
You're so good to your friends! When I finished making my Yoda I couldn't bear to give it away.
M.a.r.i.s.o.l. · Los Angeles, California, US · 15 projects
omg i love it...i want one....MAKE ME ONE MAKE ME ONE!!!
Kayleigh · 4 projects
Thank you ^_^ I didnt use a pattern i just bumbled my way through it! I will try and remember how i did it and do a how to soon hopefully this week.

Glad you like him despite his nakedness!
Pirate Moose
Pirate Moose · Norwich, England, GB · 28 projects
Wow! I love him! =)
How to, pretty please?
Brenda S.
Brenda S. · Marshfield, Massachusetts, US · 1 project
so cute, my 20 y/o old sone would love it. did u make a pattern?

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