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So simple and so fun!
Take ordinary toilet paper tubes and turn them into fabulous mini-journals that are great as gifts. (As a bonus, they can also double as gift card holders to stuff stockings with!)

Posted by Rachael H. from Denver, Colorado, United States • Published See Rachael H.'s 3 projects »
  • How to make a scrapbook. Mini Tp Journal - Step 1
    Step 1

    Take your tp tubes and flatten them. It helps to use a spray bottle and get them a little wet on the edges.

    I then put them inside stamp envelopes that you get from the post Office and wedge them, flat, in the middle of a big stack of heavy books.

    Leave them there for a day or two and then place them flat on a cookie sheet to dry (don't worry about them curling up, this is natural).

    When they are completely dry, set up your iron. I use mine on a glass top surface so don't need steam (BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU DO THIS AS IT IS VERY DANGEROUS. You may want to use a little at first and then use no steam to dry the cardboard.

    Once they are flat and dry you are ready to begin.

  • How to make a scrapbook. Mini Tp Journal - Step 2
    Step 2

    Measure your decorative paper so that it will cover the entire surface and then cut a little longer. Overlapping is okay.

    Glue down the paper to the surface of the toilet paper tube. Trim the edges to about 1/4 inch om each end.

    Once glue has dried, cut sides of paper on ends so that you can fold the paper over into the inside of the tube. Use glue to hold it down and smooth (I use Elmer's Quick Dry for this step.)

    Repeat for each tub you will be using.

  • How to make a scrapbook. Mini Tp Journal - Step 3
    Step 3

    Mark one end of the tubes where your punches will be. Make sure that they will all line up if making a journal (not important if using as a gift card envelope/holder).

    If using ribbon, use a wider hole punch. If using string or twine, adjust accordingly. You may also choose to use binder rings with charms.

    This is also the time to decorate the tubes with various ephemera and such that you like, according to your chosen theme. You can also use mini pictures to display as a photo-album.

  • How to make a scrapbook. Mini Tp Journal - Step 4
    Step 4

    Thread your ribbon, but not too tightly. The pages need to be able to move around and be seen, but not too loosely that they don't hold together well.

    You may also insert pre-made tags into the ends, or gift cards.

  • How to make a scrapbook. Mini Tp Journal - Step 5
    Step 5

    If you are feeling creative and have some extra tubes, you can use them to make your own tags.

    Measure each one and cut them to size, glue decorative papers, or paint/draw/collage, etc on the tags.

    Punch your holes in the top for ribbon, fiber or string and attach. Place tags inside the newly created sleeve.

    Again, these are great to keep or to give as gifts and are lots of fun to make!

    Enjoy :)

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