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Mini Top Hat

A cute little hat to accessorize any burlesque outfit! • Posted by Crescendia

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    This is the basic pattern that I found online to make my top hat. This pattern will make a hat that is slightly larger at the top than around the brim. This pattern can be enlarged or shrunk.

  2. Cut out your hat pattern from the poster board. Cover the poster board in the fabric of you choice using glue. I used rubber cement, however I will be trying other glues to find the best option for this. Assemble the hat <b>after</b> covering poster board with fabric. I doubled the brim to sandwich the "messy" edges from covering up the brim. I will add photos from these steps shortly.

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    Completed top hat! Now to decorate!

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    Add a ribbon bow around the base of the hat. Cut the tails as long or as short as you would like.

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    Add a hair comb at the back of your hat, not at the front like pictured here. If you put it at the front, it doesn't lay correctly, or at least that is what I found out.

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    Using a base piece like a large pin or earring, arrange the feathers and charms however you would like for them to look and secure together. This hat is being created for a steampunk event, so I used a couple cogs and key/lock.

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    Attach the decoration to your hat, curl the edges of your hat, and enjoy! I will be attaching a fingertip veil to this hat, and will post pictures once that is finished.