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A cute quirky mini cocktail hat for sophisticated evenings
I wanted something classic to match my outfit for a friend's party. Et voila, a mini cocktail hat!

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  • How to make a fascinator. Mini Cocktail Hat - Step 1
    Step 1

    Cut the cardboard into a circle, then cut a line to the centre of the circle.

    Fold the cardboard at the cut, under each other to make an teardrop shape and secure with duct tape.

    I apologise for the teardrop looking like an ice cream cone in this picture.

  • Step 2

    Take the fabric that you will be using, I used some scraps of black satin. Cut a very long length of yarn, I used red glittery yarn that I got on sale. Sew the yarn to the fabric in a squiggly way, if you want a particular design go ahead!

  • Step 3

    Glue the fabric to the cardboard. Then vut some more yarn and plait or macrame it to make an edging. Glue this to the edging of the hat.

  • Step 4

    Gather a scrap of netting and glue to the back of the teardrop shape. Tie your ribbon into a bow to glue onto the point where the netting meets the fabric.

    You dont have to use ribbon, you can add gems, feathers, etc.

  • Step 5

    Turn your teardrop over and glue a hair slide to the bottom.

    Voila, min cocktail hat!



Catherine Charlwood
Catherine Charlwood · 2 projects
Thanks a lot, much appreciated Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
super cute. I love how different it is to the pill box hats you see so much of now.
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Very stylish Happy

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