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Mini Apple Pie

Yummy pie!~ :D • Posted by Zuzu >-<

Got bored and had a idea for making a dessert.

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Medium mini apple pie  completed  1298760391


Got bored and had a idea for making a dessert.


  1. Small step 1 1298760419

    Gather Flour, 1 1/4 (TSP) butter, 3 tsp of water. Put the butter with the flour.

  2. Small step 2 1298760549

    Now pour in the 3tsp of water in the bowl.

  3. Small step 4 1298760905

    Now chop a few pieces of apple. (Chop it small)

  4. Small step 3 1298761819

    Now mix up everything in the bowl, until you make a small dough.

  5. Small step 5 1298761020

    Now put the flat pieces you made earlier in a tray. Flatten I down until it fits the circle. Now put the apple inside. And spray cinnamon on top. Pre Heat Oven 350 degrees.

  6. Small step 6 1298761288

    Now make a thin layer, and make it fit on top of the mini pie. (Remember to poke a hole)

  7. Small step 7 1298761398

    Now brush egg white on top of the pie. Put it in the oven and bake for 18 minutes.

  8. Small step 8 1298761473

    Once the pie is baked, spray a few brown sugar on top, then cover it with white sugar.

  9. Small step 9 1298761536

    Now burn the sugar on the top until it's completely melted. Set it aside and wait for 10 minutes. (Until the sugar hardens)

  10. Small mini apple pie  completed  1298761608

    Now you have completed your pie!~ :D Have fun with the yummy pie!!! With thin layered hardened sugar!~