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Sugar Christmas Decorations

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© 2021 Georgie Godbold / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • How to make an icing. Mince Pie Sugar Decoration - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make a chocolate body, insert an 8cm (3¼in) cocktail stick and make two holes in the front for the legs with the pointed tool.

  • Step 2

    Roll 20g (2⁄3oz) of flesh-coloured paste into a smooth ball for the head. Use a pointed tool to make two holes for the eyes and a hole for the nose. Use the smiley tool to mark the mouth. Insert two stamens for the eyes and mark the pupils with a fine black fibre-tip pen.

  • Step 3

    Cut out two circles of cream paste with the fluted cutter. Using the large end of an icing nozzle, cut a hole in the middle of one piece, then place both circles into the polystyrene formers to dry.

  • Step 4

    When the pie top and bottom are completely dry, lightly glue the middle of the body and pull the pie bottom down over the cocktail stick as shown. Leave it to dry.

  • Step 5

    Cut two 7.5cm (3in) lengths from the pipe cleaner for the legs. For the shoes, cut a 15g (½oz) ball of chocolate paste in half to make two ovals. Lightly glue both ends of one of the lengths of pipe cleaner, then insert one end into the shoe and the other end into the body. Repeat with the other leg.

  • Step 6

    To make the hands, roll 3g (1⁄8oz) of flesh-coloured paste into a ball, then cut it in half to make two ovals. Cut a 12cm (4¾in) length of pipe cleaner, add a little sugar glue to each end and attach the hands. Bend the pipe cleaner around the back of the cocktail stick and glue in place. Bring the arms and hands down to touch the edge of the pie, shaping the hands over the edge of the pie as shown opposite. Secure with a little glue.

  • Step 7

    For the neck frill, roll out one cream circle using the blossom cutter and soften the edge. Using a little glue, secure the frill over the cocktail stick. Glue the head on firmly, then dust the cheeks 
with pale pink dust.

  • Step 8

    Use a small amount of dark brown royal icing to pipe small circles all over the head for the hair. Place the pie top on the head and secure in position with a little more royal icing if necessary. Leave to dry before decorating.

  • Step 9

    Cut three large holly leaves and two small ones from green paste. Use the red paste to make three large and two small berries. Attach to the lid of the mince pie and bottom of the feet as shown.

  • Step 10

    Fill the bottom of the mince pie with chocolate drops to represent the filling.

    This figure would make a perfect centrepiece to a display of mince pies at Christmas – just make sure no one picks her up and eats her!

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Steph. · Reading, England, GB · 212 projects
Aww how cute! And very well decorated too ^^

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