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10 mins

They melted but they're still happy!
I changed what the nose was made of (I used felt instead) and I also used pretty Christmas ribbon to hang them up with instead of elastic thread.

I must say, I was surprised how much glue I used, have lots of sticks at the ready! Also, be ready with the beads, buttons and nose as the glue does dry always quicker than you think! Also, wait for the glue to dry completely around the ribbon before you continue with the rest of the head so that it doesn't come apart.

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Amy B.
Amy B. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 72 projects
I actually used hot glue from a glue gun to make them.
Kim E.
Kim E.
what kind of glue did you use.. I have Elmers and tried it last night and this morning the glue is still exactly the way I put it last night.. it hasn't even started to harden... how long did your's take to harden?
Amy B.
Amy B. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 72 projects
I melted them onto tinfoil I think...and I put them in the freezer for a bit to let them really cool off.
[dancing*in*the*rain*] · Seattle, Washington, US · 28 projects
what did you melt them on to?

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