Medical Mask Mayhem

hide your kawaii face to the world...

Posted by Only Frills and Horses


perfect for decora and cult party kei, these are best made in light fabrics so you can breathe.

easily made with scraps, you can make this as simple or extravagant as you fancy!

note: this is based on a tutorial that seems to no longer exist, I have tried to make something similar as it was a great tutorial. however this is defiantly my own version.


You Will Need (5 things)

  • Embellishment(s)
  • at least 60cm Ribbon or bias binding
  • at least 60cm thin Elastic
  • at least 20x18cm Fabric
  • small amount of Ribbon or bias binding

Steps (8 steps, 30 minutes)

  1. 1

    cut a piece of fabric 20 by 18 cm.

  2. 2

    add any flat embellishments first. here, I've free stitch machine embroidered a simple bow pattern. other fun ideas for decoration is appliqué, lace, ribbons, or iron on patches.

  3. 3

    pleat the edges with one box and two knife pleats, to bring it down to around 9cm.

  4. 4

    encase the edges with folded over ribbon or bias binding.

  5. 5

    sew the ends of 60cm of elastic together to make a circle.

  6. 6

    hem the elastic into the long edges of the mask, leaving two loops at the sides.

  7. 7

    add any additional embellishments. I like to put a little bow on the side.

  8. 8

    alternatively, you can encase the long edges with more ribbon or bias binding, still leaving the loops at the side but stitching the edges closed. this is less flexible with sizing so make sure its the right size beforehand.