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the treasure chest of your heart, the womb of your soul
A Medecine Pouch is something that derives from Native American traditions. It is, basically, a small satchel that you store good luck charms and objects of spiritual significance.

Posted by Ariel Greenwood from Lake Elsinore, California, United States • Published See Ariel Greenwood's 107 projects »

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Emily D.
Emily D.
cool. it just made me laugh a bit. and yes, in my particular tribal tradition, the owl can mean catastrophic or painful change, but not necessarily a bad thing.

i love that symbols can mean so many different things to different people.
Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
I am aware that the owl is a symbol of bad luck and death in some traditions, but in my personal tradition, i see it as a symbol of wisdom...also the Death card in the tarot isn't a negative card necessarily, it is a symbol for transition, change, and rebirth. It's also a bad omen to show the contents of a medecine pouch to others, because they could use it against you, so I just put some random stuff for this pic.
Emily D.
Emily D.
hey! i'm new here, and saw this and thot is was super cute. Also, you may not kno this, but in a lot of Native tribal traditions, the owl is a bringer of bad luck and death. It's kind of like the "Death" card in tarot. So, the good luck charm ur showing in the picture is actually a bad omen. lol :-D thot is was funny.
Mama Zoe
Mama Zoe · Oshawa, Ontario, CA · 7 projects
Did you make the lil' pouch? I used to make them... called 'em mojo bags lol. Made one with a pentacle, one with an ankh and I think started one with a triple moon or something. Never finished the last one though. I should start making them again... maybe you inspired me Happy
Someone stole my bag of stones sorta like this ...hopefully their Karma took care of them.

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