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Whenever common holders are not enough...
I have a confession to make... when I got to the point of buying a stapler keyring and added it to my backpack, I realized I'm a stationary compulsive collector =..<

Which sometimes is "the good", because you can do any strange projects you plan in the very same moment they snap in your head (LOL)

"The bad" is when you cannot find a holder big enough and well distributed as you need it.

"The ugly" is to realize you had the answer right in front of your eyes the whole time...: DIY!!!!

Anyway, whenever you get to "the ugly", you just have to let your creativity fly: cut, add, paste, staple and embellish whenever and wherever you need it and voila!!! This baby has from a pencil to a compass and even space for my hot glue gun (and hot glue sticks) !!!

It's a matter of personal needs, but, if have to give advises on it, I would say:

Use a diagonal cut in your main box.

Tape any division you add to the inside of the box.

You can give a new use to your crocodille clips, my compass was a huge problem before I used my imagination.

Never underestimate the carton inside the toilet paper, its a good scissors holder.

Neither the crayon boxes, they can keep the cord of your hot glue gun out of getting tangled=D.

Have fun!!!

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Ginger Snapped
Ginger Snapped · Sacramento, California, US · 31 projects
very good!!!!!!!!!!!! great idea Happy