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The Phantom of the Opera is there, Inside your mind.
This can be a pretty simple makeup idea to do, depending on how you apply makeup and the tricks you find to make it work. Sometimes this takes me a while, just because you have to have a steady hand, but other times im quick and have the entire look done in a matter of minutes. You can change it up and incorporate you own take on this idea, obviously depending on what you are wearing or what you are using it for.
My inspiration for this was actually because i had to do a final project for my makeup class, and it was more fantasy styled makeup for the final. I am IN LOVE with masquerade and Madri Gras styled masks, and the movie Phantom of the Opera, because there is a mysteriousness behind the mask. You can create a fantasy version of you, or be more extravagant than you normally would. It is just such a sexy and mysterious way to bring out a different side to yourself.
I would love to see other versions of thise idea :)

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  • Step 1

    First, i put my foundation on. Make sure it is smooth and you extend past your jaw, because you don't want those terrible lines. They look bad. You can put it on your whole face, except for where the mask is going to be, because you're going to paint over that any way.

  • Step 2

    Second, (i personally) put the powder on my face. If you'd like you can wait until after you paint and set your face, in case of fall out. I put the powder on next to make my face soft looking, and so that my skin is prepped, plus with powder on, if you have fall out you can just use the powder brush to clean it off.

  • Step 3

    Third, i put the mask on and traced the shape i want on my face with the white eye liner, and then took it off and corrected it to be exactly what i want. you also need to draw out the shape around the eyes. this time i did the normal round, semi-almond shape, but another time i did a more cat eyed shape.

  • How to create a mask face makeup look. Masquerade, Paper Faces On Parade - Step 4
    Step 4

    Fourth, I did the eye shadow. Because you have the eye shape drawn out, you know how far to go, or not go. For the black and red i did a semi natural eyelid. I used an eye shadow primer first. I recommend Lime Crime’s Candy Eyed Eye shadow Helper Eyelid Primer. It worked really well with the second mask i did with light and dark purples. Either way, natural or colorful, You put the primer on, then put the lighter color on the whole eyelid. if it is a bring color, make sure you pat it on the eyelid instead of brushing it on, you'll get less fall out. Next you would put the darkest color in the crease of your eye and rock it back and forth to blend it out. It looks best if you make a triangle or corner like here.
    After doing the eye shadow you should put a highlight color on the inner eye. make sure it isn't white because it makes you look washed out. Try to use light shimmery golds. Next use the color from the crease on a small "brow" brush to line under the bottom lash line. I like to wet it before lining it, but you can use it dry. Wet just make it last longer, and brighter. You may also use that same color, wet this time, as the eye liner for the top lashes. Don't wing it out too far because the mask will be painted on after. Lastly, take the white eyeliner and line the bottom waterline with it, and a black or dark color to line the top waterline. The top waterline is an optional look, just in case you miss a spot with mascara. Add a small amount of mascara.

  • Step 5

    Fifth, Take the black (or other color) face paint and paint around the eyes, on top of the brows and nose. Use a paint brush for this so you don't mess up your makeup brushes. Make sure the lines are nice and clean, and also make sure they are straight. A crooked mask looks really awkward. Keep the brush damp and with paint. Paint small areas with it, then dab the setting powder on top. if it is a translucent, do not use too much so the color doesn't turn lighter. I used a black MAC eye shadow with a red shimmer in the red and black one and a Lime Crime black eye shadow "Medusa" with a teal/green shimmer to set the green one. Make sure to dab and not brush because you will smear the paint, mess up your brushes and you will get fallout. Once set, let dry for a couple minutes.

  • Step 6

    Sixth, ADD JEWELS! in any pattern or style you'd like. You can use eyelash glue, i used tacky glue, for fabric. it is water based so it washes off well

  • Step 7

    Seventh, Add blush, in your favorite shade for the look. make sure not to go too wild, since you have a giant block of paint already covering half your face :)

  • Step 8

    Eighth, Add the sequins if you wish with the same glue. I did the sequins to represent the Mardi Gras beads, to get the whole feel, and i felt the shape also helped to be more artistic and creative, not some itchy plastic beads around your neck

  • Step 9

    Ninth, Your favorite shade of lipstick, again, not too wild. Maybe even toned down to a matte finish by adding a translucent powder to the lips

  • Step 10

    Tenth, and last. Dust off any fall out. Add a bit of concealer around the lips to clean up the lipstick lines as much as possible and BAM! (oh, i'm not Emeril

  • Step 11

    "Understand someone who is different than you, consider someone else's point of view"

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