Cut Out + Keep

Mason Jar Travel Cups

These charming travel cups make great gifts or wedding favors. • Posted by Alyssa & Carla B.

You will need

Project Budget


0 h 30


Medium mason jar travel cups



  1. Small drilling hole in lid

    Drill a hole off-center in the mason jar lid. I tried centering them, but they really look better off-centered. We used a slightly smaller drill bit to make the initial hole, then enlarged it to the 5/16 inch size. We found that we got a cleaner edge that way, but it would still work if you cut only one hole since you’re going to cover it up with a grommet anyway.

  2. Small grommet close up

    Work the rubber grommet into the hole. Don’t be afraid to squeeze it in there!

  3. Add a straw and decorate the jars however you please. Enjoy!