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Regualr crayon art, but I did it differently so it turned out different. Actually I did it wrong but I like it :)
OK, so I did it wrong, but I like it. Most people do the crayon melting straight but I did not :)

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  • Step 1

    Isn't this awesome! All you need is paper, tinfoil, crayons and a hair dryer and strong tape :) Heres how to do it (sorry for lack of instructional pictures)

    OK so first with the tin foil, fold it so it has a tray, to catch crayon drips, and tape the sides so nothing falls out of them. Now tape that to a tape-friendly wall or refrigerator, whatever holds it up. OOH and a plug should be near by.

  • Step 2

    Now it is time to line up the crayons. Get whatever crayons you don't want, and really as many as you can. Take piece of paper 1 and either A) Super glue the crayons onto the paper and whatever way you like or B) On a flat surface arrange your crayons in whatever fashion you like and tape until they don't fall off. This is what I did. :)~ When they are stuck on the paper, take piece of paper 2 and carefully with a piece of weaker tape, something that doesn't stick to paper really badly, tape that up on your surface of use, so the tray is under it. Make sure the take is on the back of the paper so it doesn't get crayon-y.

    OK now for the paper with the crayons on it, tape that over piece of paper 2 so 2 is not covered like at all by piece of paper 1 with the crayons. (This is all very confusing in my words.) Now get your hair dryer ready.

  • Step 3

    OK so everything is securely taped and or glued and you are ready to use the hair dryer. Make sure the place you taped the supplies is plug-in accessible. Now, this part takes a bit, but turns out awesome. Turn on the hairdryer, probably on low setting. And and work your way over the crayons from above. It does take a minute t start melting so be patient. I wasn't. I never am. I made mine how it is by doing a lot of different angles, and the part that looks like it is coming out of the bottom is actually flying over the other colors. If you want your to come down like a rainbow is crying, just do it over the crayons and not from angles. I hope you like it and try it out. It takes only a few minutes to dry from when the crayons melt but may be hot still. Mine came out oily, and i haven't seen others do that, but you work with what ya' got :) Have fun!

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