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Make Your Own Crayons With Old Ones :)

Colors :v • Posted by Jade M.

Me and my cousin were bored and decided to do this :)

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Medium me and billie 003 Medium me and billie 001


Me and my cousin were bored and decided to do this :)


  1. Small me and billie 003

    You need a plastic pencil case holder like in picture 2.Gather your crayons, plug in your hot glue gun, and let's begin!

  2. Small me and billie 004

    Take two crayons that go together and press them to the tip of the hot glue gun. OVER one of the little holes in the plastic pencil case holder thing.

  3. Small me and billie 006

    Wait for them to dry and then get your nail clippers. Take the file looking thing out and carve your crayon out! Sorry I didn't take a photo of me doing this part. This picture is what they will look like when they come out, next to it is a paper to test what they would look like.

  4. Small me and billie 001

    Make more and more and more (: Heehee