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Create a unique mask using only make-up
It's quite easy as the mask is made through your own imagination. You can be as accurate, messy, colourful, precise, exact, flamboyant, etc. as you like!

I chose a colourful option which is quite fairy-like. I didn't do this for any particular occasion, only extreme boredom ;) If I had done it for a particular occasion I would have been much more precise with the liquid eyeliner pen.

Speaking of the liquid eyeliner pen; you can make the lines as thick or as thin as you want. While I was drawing it on I had the idea that I could have even done the outside lines of the mask darker and thicker than the inside lines to give it more of a mask-like impression.

Remember to take your time. You could even draw something out ahead of time on a piece of paper or use something as a reference before you start drawing. And hey, if you mess up, the easiest thing to use is a q-tip and your spit to correct the mistakes. If it's too messed up and you need to start over just use make-up remover - or in my case use Clean & Clear make-up dissolving foam cleanser!

This is definitely a project I will post more different styles of in the future.

Happy drawing! Lets see your own versions!

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