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Make your own Homemade sticky Dots using the BEST GLUE EVER™ from ScraPerfect
MAKE big sticky spots for buttons, tiny ones for gems, and long lines for fiber! Not only can you make hundreds of sticky dots for pennies, but you can make them any size or shape and be “green” at the same time! Make sticky dots in sheets or rolls, and make sheets of ready-to- stick embellishments. It's so simple and costs pennies!

In 15 minutes or less, you'll have your dots ready to cure. The actual drying time will be several minutes to several hours depending upon size of the dots.


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  • Step 1

    For rolls of sticky dots, you’ll need strips of two-sided release paper. The paper that’s usually tossed from adhesive applicators like ATG guns is just perfect for making rolls of sticky spots, or save the paper roll from the last sticky dots you purchased. Even the cover strip from tape on USPS Priority Mail Boxes is double sided paper release paper. Keep your eyes open and you’ll soon find it all around you!

  • Step 2

    Tape down the ends of the paper strips onto a table, and start applying the glue in any size or shape you need. Since the glue holds its shape, if you want your dots to be very thin, use the tip of the bottle spout to spread the glue. Otherwise just “dot ‘n go”. As the glue dries it gets tackier, and when it turns from white to clear, it is dry and ready. To store your dots, simply roll up the paper strip. If the dots were made on sheets, cover the clear, dry sticky dots with another piece of release paper.

  • Step 3

    To make customized ready-to-stick embellishments, press buttons, gems, acrylic drops, or paper punched shapes onto the sticky dots. They can be stored away, ready to be peeled off and applied

  • Step 4

    You can also make “hybrid” sticky dots and lines by applying wet glue to your project and letting it dry to clear before adhering embellishments. This is the perfect way to adhere ribbon and fiber to projects, avoiding the visible shadows that occur when wet glue seeps through fabric. Alternately, make “hybrid” sticky dots by applying wet glue directly to chunky embellishments such as buttons and charms, and let the glue dry to clear before adhering to the project. This method avoids any potential oozing caused by applying too much glue, while instantly and firmly adhering the embellishment to the project.

  • Step 5

    Now that you see that the Best Glue Ever™ is perfect for making homemade sticky dots, did you know it is also fantastic for applying wet to your projects? It does not wrinkle paper, and embellishments don’t slide around on the wet glue. It has a very fine writing tip which rarely, if ever, clogs, making it perfect to use with glitter, flock and other fine bling. It dries fast, clear, and flexible with a super strong bond, and can be both permanent or re-positionable with a variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, ceramic, fabric, foam, wood, rubber, and more. With the BEST CLEANER EVER™, you can recondition your die cut mats andnever need to buy another one again. The Best Glue Ever™ is extremely tacky, so be sure to apply sparingly!

  • Step 6

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