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Prestatyn, Wales, GB
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Based on Make A Purse From Vinyl Records by Stacie G.

I saw this bag, and HAD to have one!! I love music and the look of vinyl records so this was just up my street!
I got the records from a charity shop, they were £1 each :) I managed to find a beck LP and a Mudhoney one (the one with the cool picture on) and used an Elvis one for the bottom.
It took a while to do as i didn't want to break it whilst drilling it. I used a belt for the strap an i wanted a shiny one to match the shiny LP.
I <3 It!!


Vinyl Record Bag Step By Step

Vinyl Record Bag Step By Step

Awesome, eye-catching, unique. Just like you.

♥ 80
Record Bag

Record Bag

Bag made out of 2 vinyl records.

♥ 39
Vinyl Record Pouch

Vinyl Record Pouch

Vinyl record and fused plastic pouch

♥ 4
Record Vanity Bag

Record Vanity Bag

Spin round and round on the dance floor with a 7" record vanity bag.

♥ 128
Record Bowl Purse

Record Bowl Purse

make a bag out of a record

♥ 23
Vinyl Record Bag

Vinyl Record Bag


♥ 44


jennascloset(: · 4 projects
oh my god!!!! this is ahh-mazing! Happy
Claire J
Claire J · Prestatyn, Wales, GB · 97 projects
to be honest i used ribbon as i didnt want to drill a million holes!! i'm so lazy!!haha. i only recently dicovered it too!
Ada B.
Ada B. · Érd, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
such a shame somehow I never saw the project from Stacie G., baaaad me Happy
Ada B.
Ada B. · Érd, Pest County, HU · 24 projects
It turned out awesome! I wanted to have one for years, and I have the supplies, but I was a bit afraid about drilling, because we don't have a really small drill-head. But now, that I see how you made it work so weel with a ribbon, I have great feelings about itHappy I think you'll see my version soon Happy

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