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please click on the pics to see the full photos!!
'make a good animal photo' coming up next.

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Posted by Eszti from Dunakeszi, Pest County, Hungary • Published See Eszti 's 42 projects »
  • Step 1

    look around yourself. is there anything beautiful that appeals to you? make sure you like your subject (the object you photograph), because great photos have to come from the heart.

  • Step 2

    found your subject? good.
    now you need to see which angle it looks best from. from the top, maybe from the side? maybe you'll have to kneel or lay down to get the best view of something. with plants and animals this step is very important. with nature you just have to make sure that nothing is in the way of your view. i mean, who wants a smoking chimney right in the middle of a peaceful sunset?

  • Step 3

    decide how big you want the picture to be. should it include the petals of the flower or would the grass make it prettier? do you want the whole tree or just the sun shining through its branches?

    remember: if you can't zoom in enough just make sure to get the area you like sharp. you can always cut it out of the original.

  • Step 4

    make sure your picture is balanced. don't just put a tree on one side. either put it in the middle or find something for the other side.

  • Step 5

    think about details like the blurriness of the background and the light contrast. flowers are usually prettiest when you have enough light but never overlight them. have contrast so that it stands out. like you wouldn't usually take a picture of a yellow flower with a yellow background.

    set the mood!
    play around with the colors.

  • Step 6

    get snapping! take as many pictures as you can from as many angles as possible. remember, you can sort through it later!

  • Step 7

    when sorting, don't throw away pictures that are bigger than you intended them to be. see if you can cut out certain areas. my picture of the white-and-yellow flower was cut out from a larger one.

    sometimes it is actually okay if your subject is a bit blurry. my picture of the little purple flower is and it looks kinda like an oil painting.

  • Step 8

    ta-da! you got yourself some award-winning pictures! :]

    (mine actually did win in a contest)



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Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
okay, i wnated to know how to do this for a long time-thank you, so much!
Eszti · Dunakeszi, Pest County, HU · 42 projects
thank you :]
Spiffy555 · 37 projects
BloodyRose · Los Angeles, California, US · 5 projects
wow i love the first two pics :]
leila deli
leila deli · Madrid, Community of Madrid, ES · 18 projects
check out my version of your project
Eszti · Dunakeszi, Pest County, HU · 42 projects
umm, these were made with a pretty good camera...a nikon D-series (not exactly sure which one; it's my dad's)
Becky<3 · 2 projects
do you just have a digital camera?
or like a pro one:/

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