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Isn't this awesome!!!!
these are super sweet quick project that look fantastic when finished.

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  • Step 1

    OK so the first thing you go is get a place where you can make a bit of a glow mess, maybe put down newspaper. OK so then put on your gloves. Put a couple of marbles in the bottom of the jar.

  • Step 2

    So now with the first step done, take 2 or three glow sticks and cut the tops of, watch out because they spew. Quickly make sure the leakage gets into the jar. As you make have noticed, a plastic stick probably came out. Remove it and throw it out with your glove hand. But before you do make sure all of the glow drips are off of it and into the jar.

  • Step 3

    Now, before anything dries up, swivel the jar in a circular motion so the marbles are rolling around pretty quickly. They are there to get the glow all about. Do this until there isn't liquid in the bottom. Now when there isn't, do the first step with a few more sticks, and then repeat step two.

  • Step 4

    When you finish this, with all the sticks, make sure all the liquid is on the walls of the jars. Hopefully you have removed all the plastic pieces and washed your hands thoroughly, if not people will be able to see if you picked your nose. (I hope you got that joke)

  • Step 5

    Take pictures if you want to, since they don't last that long. 2 hours at most, but when they die, just put more glow stick goop in :) I hope you liked this quick and easy DIY PS. I suggest doing this while it is dark so you can enjoy it :)

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Daisy Setzer
Daisy Setzer · Lisse, Zuid-Holland, NL

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