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Based on Magazine Bowls by SarahPOOF.
I really happy with the outcome- looks great and is completely useable. This one measures 20cm in diameter.
I may start selling these on my Etsy in the future.

I basically used the how to but gradully changed a few things along the way that made construction easier and make the overall bowl look even better. A few tips:

- The thiner the magazine paper the better. I tired using some thicker card magazines but they honestly don't work as well.
- When using A4ish size magazines cut them in half equally vertically so that its still A4 in lenght but half the width. The paper folds easier and create a better circluar pattern for the bowl.
- When glossing/ sealing the bowl once made I used pure PVA and coated the inside and out twice each- this really seals it well and it hardens alot.

If anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask.

Posted by Siobhan P. from Oxford, England, United Kingdom • Published

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Willow Bon-Bon
Willow Bon-Bon · London, GB · 29 projects
Wow - looks like you worked really hard on this!