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Macrame Wall Hanging

Make a Macrame Wall Hanging • Posted by micaela.hoo

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    1. Attach rope to stick by looping the rope over the stick, then feeding the other end of the rope evenly through the loop. Pull tight.

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    2. Using rope in pairs (two strands per piece, four strands per knot total) and starting a couple inches from the top, tie the carrick bend knot. Begin by making a loop with the left rope, then weave the right side rope through, alternating over and under each bit of rope (follow steps of photo from left to right). Shape the knot evenly. 3. 4 inches beneath your completed carrick bend knots, tie the overhand knot. Skip the rope pieces on both outer edges, and working from left to right, start with the rope piece next to the furthest most left piece. Knot it together with its rope companion the right. Tie 4 overhand knots in this row. 4. Move 4 inches down again and start the 3rd row of knots. This time, begin from the outer edge and tie overhand knots again. You should have 5 overhand knots in this row. 5. Row 4, tie 4 overhand knots in the same way as step 3. 6. Finish with carrick bend knots in a V shape. Working left to right, begin at the outer edge about four inches down and tie your first carrick bend. The next carrick bend knot should be a couple inches lower than this one, and the next (which is in the center) should be a couple inches lower than that one. Work your way upward again on the right side.

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    7. Knot the ends of the rope, straighten out your knots and hang!