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Buy vs make! Which do you think will win?
Hey guys, now that my home is being remodeled, I ‘be had to put most of my craft supplies in a box in the garage...
in other words, it’s pretty boring right now, and I feel the need to craft run deep in me to a point where I’ve been trying to craft without my supplises.
Finally I came across mini comp notebooks at my job, I remembered how I had seen a YouTube video on how to make a cute journal vs buying one, and that’s when inspiration hit! I bought 3 of them and rushed home to get to work.
This craft was inspired also by a notebook I had bought already which was a fluffy and sassy fox journal. I love that journal, but there were something’s i didn’t like about it: like how the fox tail was just suck there and might come off if I had not glued it.
But this one while it is not fluffy, is just as good in my opinion.
Not only is the design personal but the tail is attached to the back and can reach the front and close the journal.
Also i’m Suprised a lot on how the markers I used didn’t bleed all over it,(I really thought they would)
(If you saw this earlier it said “but” instead of “buy”. I’m sorry you had to see that....)

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