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Edible Valentines for your sweetheart!
All you need are cupcakes, strawberries, and a steady hand for these. They were a hit at the Valentine's day party I made them for. I think the chocolate strawberries made them extra appealing.

Posted by Beatle Bird from Boise, Idaho, United States • Published See Beatle Bird's 2 projects »

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 1
    Step 1

    I used chocolate cake mix for the cupcakes. I let them cool for at least an hour.
    (You can use any recipe you want, as this project is more about the decorating than anything.)

    By the way, this picture makes them look flat, but they are the tops just popping out of the pan.

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 2
    Step 2

    While the cupcakes were cooling, I melted a few small blocks of almond bark in the microwave (just follow the package directions) I washed the strawberries, and dipped them, one at a time, into the chocolate, placing them on wax paper to harden.

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 3
    Step 3

    I used red food coloring to mix with the frosting until I got the right color of pink. I also saved some white so I'd have 2 colors.

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 4
    Step 4

    Next, I took 2 plastic sandwich baggies and put the different colors of frosting in each with a spoon.
    I snipped a corner (not pinhole small, but not pencil big, either) on each bag, since I don't have any cake decorating stuff.

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 5
    Step 5

    After the cupcakes were cool, I frosted them with pink and white frosting. Just solid colors. Then I topped them with the chocolate-covered strawberries. I found that some of the berries were so big that I had to adjust them quite a bit so they would fall off.
    Now for the fun part...
    I decorated the cupcakes using the frosting baggies, usually starting with the strawberries.
    (It says "All You Need is Love")

  • How to bake a cupcake. Lovey Cupcakes - Step 6
    Step 6

    After I got the hang of using the baggies, I tried lots of different patterns and combinations of frosting. For the cupcakes that I ran out of strawberries for, I just made them match the others so they looked like I didn't just for get to buy extra berries!

    The creamy frosting was great to use because it didn't get crunchy and dry. The cupcakes were sitting out for quite awhile before I delivered them, and they were still perfect!



Nesse13 · Guelph, Ontario, CA · 16 projects
i absolutely LOVE this idea. i can't wait to try it!
Wendy E.
Wendy E.
they look yummy
Ria S.
Ria S. · Hinckley, England, GB · 10 projects
I am drooooling! They look almost too pretty to eat (I said almost LOL!)
gazliazeem · Dubai, Dubai, AE · 7 projects

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