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Great house warming gift!
So I came across this on the internet:

And thought, I could do better! I made 2, one for a friend, (the pink one), it says "Even though you miss it terribly, this sock loved so much by you, may you find comfort in how much the dryer loved it too!" I used a picture frame, picture from a magazine and construction paper. The poem is from a book 'Where's Thena: I need a poem about...' I took the poem from page 330 and changed the words to fit the sock motif.

The garden one is for my aunt. It says "I used to love my garden, but now my love is dead, for I found a bachelor's button in black-eyed Susan's bed!" This is something I had seen in a store front a very long time ago (like 10 years) in Concord, NH. I have no idea who the author is.

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MultiMamiO'1 · Kennesaw, Georgia, US · 23 projects
Those are cute sayings.
lauren x
lauren x
cute! Im always losing socks! This would help a lot!!!