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First try at lolita!!!
OK im asking for everybody's help here. This is my first try at lolita style dresses and REALY would love any and all comments. this dress is a work in progress and i would love any ideas 4 improvement. Thanx <3!!

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Dead4CEREALZ · Littlestown, Pennsylvania, US · 55 projects
This is pretty but it isn't lolita. Lolita clothing is more modest than that, a lolita dress would never show that much skin in the shoulder area. If you're trying for a jsk you should wear a blouse under it. Also the sillhouette of the dress is too flat to be lolita.
I think you should do a little research on the style before you try again, just because a lot of people think that if a dress has lace or bows on it, it's lolita, and that is not true.
geekieglam · Morpeth, England, GB
I think it is a bit more gothic Lolita. Still really cool... as long as your going gothic Lolita (^-^)
Melissa N.
Melissa N. · 4 projects
omg thats neat! love the lace around the dress, its fantastic Happy
PoshlyPasse · Lexington, Kentucky, US · 13 projects
Lolita's always have such nice things to say don't they? bhahaha right. Cute dress. They are right it's not technically "Lolita" but you never claimed that it was. It's labeled as "Lolita inspired"m and that, it is. Well done.
Samantha B.
Samantha B.
I love it!

But this is definitely not Lolita ://
Charles Lee Ray
Charles Lee Ray · 18 projects
Must have... I want one!
Noel N.
Noel N. · Pensacola, Florida, US · 1 project
i love it good job
Michelle T.
Michelle T. · Newcastle upon Tyne, England, GB
Hi I acutally like your design, really good Happy
Nex N.
Nex N.
Hello, these are not lolita dress (yet), but you can fix it.

First - create shirring at the back. It is not nice when fabric is floating around like this.
Or, if it is too difficult for you, create lacing (like on you shoes/corsets). For lacing, sew on your dress small loops, do not create holes to fabric!!

Second - the alfa and omega of lolita fashion is petticoat. You HAVE TO wear one, if you want to be called lolita and not ita(=world which means that it is too bad that looking on that is pain).

Third - you need shirt or blouse under dress, because for lolita fashion standards there is too much of visible skin. Think about Queen Victoria era (you are lucky - today we are not so strict, you just need to hide your shoulders, not whole body). You should have decent decolt too.

I love your color combination, however, I am afraid that your skirt is not full enough for wearing petticoat under it. Basically, lolita skirt is 3/4 of circle.

For better idea of common dress+skirts visit Sweetrococo.com (you need free registration to acces to gallery of dress styles, but it is VERY usefull!).

For better idea of common lolita things read this manual:


I hope this helped you. Happy
Idalia B.
Idalia B. · Tijuana, Baja California, MX
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