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Little Bo Peep Probably Ate Her Sheep
This is a dress I had to make for pattern-making. We had to use the basic dress block and change it into anythign we wanted. Of course I chose something way way way higher than my skill level. But I DID IT! And that's the main thing. Inspired by a design i had to design in Design class ((I didn't think i could say Design that many times in one sentence)) with a fairy tale theme. of course I did little bo peep, completely forgetting she is a nursery rhyme and NOT a fairy tale. O wells. ANYWAY, I really like the idea of inspiratin from fairy tales, so I've got a whole heap of once apon a time dress ideas in my head.

It wasn't too difficult making the pattern, its my favourite subject, but the sewing the facing around the halter part was DEATH. Man o man. I had to cheat a little and sew it a weird, unorthodox way. BUT ITS DONE. Which is awesome.

It's a halterneck dress with a half-circle skirt. I added a collar to the halter and also a hood, which i think is very clever ((Tim's idea, my wonderful bestfriend-husband)).

On the back of the neck, just under the hood is a little ribbon bow with a lamb button. There's a matching button on the collar.

Unfortunately the only pic I have of the hood up is absoluted retarded, and I am not sharing it!

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Amanda Wicked
Amanda Wicked · Sacramento, California, US
The tagline makes me want lamb for dinner....
Agnès · 14 projects
That's just AWWWWWWWW
Max California
Max California · Brisbane, Queensland, AU · 26 projects
Teehee, that's my sister Happy
*scout nubbies*
*scout nubbies* · Chino, California, US · 7 projects
you look gorgeous in it Happy
great job

CO + K User

That is great! I want one now. And you look great in it. (=

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