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Lining The Squares Bag

Line your bag • Posted by wink

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Medium 2014 03 16 123804 scheepjes squares bag



  1. Small 2014 03 16 123446 squares bag lining step1

    Grab your lining fabric. I’m using this awesome fabric from a local shop.

  2. Small 2014 03 16 123458 squares bag lining step2

    Fold your fabric in two, and lay your squares bag on top of it.

  3. Small 2014 03 16 123506 squares bag lining step3

    Cut around your bag, leaving about an inch of seam allowance.

  4. Small 2014 03 16 123514 squares bag lining step4

    Grab your batting.

  5. Small 2014 03 16 123523 squares bag lining step5

    Cut two pieces of batting the same way as the lining fabric.

  6. Small 2014 03 16 123532 squares bag lining step6

    We’re going to make a batting and lining fabric sandwich now! Grab your lining fabric, and put them right side together. Then add batting to the outsides. Like this:

  7. Small 2014 03 16 123541 squares bag lining step7

    Pin your sandwich together around the sides. Leave the top open!

  8. Small 2014 03 16 123603 squares bag lining step10

    Grab your sewing machine, and sew your sandwich together along the sides, but leave a big gap at the bottom. Be sure to backstitch next to the gap; we’ll use it later to turn the entire bag (batting, lining and crochet part) inside out.

  9. Small 2014 03 16 123615 squares bag lining step11

    Let’s sew our sandwich into our bag! Put your bag inside the sandwich, right sides together.

  10. Small 2014 03 16 123625 squares bag lining step12

    Pin down the top of the batting; we don’t need to sew that to the bag.

  11. Small 2014 03 16 123633 squares bag lining step13

    Pin the lining fabric to the inside row of double crochets. Flip the outside row down so you can reach it, and to be sure we don’t sew over it.

  12. Small 2014 03 16 123645 squares bag lining step14

    Sew along the top of the entire bag. Be sure to go slow; this is a hard part and it may be hard on your sewing machine as well! When the entire top is sewed together, it is time to turn your bag inside out through the hole in the sandwich. Don’t forget to remove the pins in the batting.

  13. Small 2014 03 16 123700 squares bag lining step15

    When your bag is right side out, put your hand in the hole and push up the batting into the points. Because the batting is so rough, the friction will stop it from dropping down again.

  14. Small 2014 03 16 123711 squares bag lining step18

    When you’re happy with your lining, sew together the hole inside your bag. You can do this by hand or you can do this with your machine.

  15. Small 2014 03 16 123719 squares bag lining step20

    And that’s it; your bag is lined! :)

  16. Small 2014 03 16 123744 scheepjes squares bag

    With the same yarn as what you used to join the squares, crochet on the handles through the loops you made in the outside row of double crochets. I usually use a single crochet stitch for this. Sew on your favorite button and crochet on a loop on the other side of the bag (which I forgot to take pictures of, sorry!). Enjoy your new bag! :)