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DIY Linear Crystal Chandelier
You are about to see the crowning jewel of the dining room. I have long loved the Cellula chandelier, although the price tag makes me faint. The dining room mood board included the lower-end linear strand crystal chandelier, but the $349 price tag was still more than I wanted to spend. So, of course, I made my own DIY version for about $170. I first saw the idea on Ikea Hackers with a Glimt light, which Ikea no longer stocks.

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  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 1
    Step 1

    My DIY version also starts with a $60 light from Ikea. The Tidig is modern, linear, and comes with either four or six lights. I chose the six light model to make a big statement over the dining table and to accommodate a longer table if I choose to go that route in the future. The Tidig comes with white glass shades, but for my project I installed the light without the shades. Note: I am still thinking about ways to safely disguise the black threaded areas above the bulbs. I would like them to be silver to blend in. I think some silver electrical tape might do the trick.

  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 2
    Step 2

    The rest of this DIY is all about crystals. Lots of sparkle! The inspiration chandeliers each feature a variety of crystal prism shapes. I was not sure how many crystals would be required for my 50? light, so I just ordered a bunch I liked and hoped for the best. I could always have ordered more later.

  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 3
    Step 3

    I fell hard for these giant pendalogue crystals from Etsy seller, Lecha Dodi. They were 2 for $20. At that rate, I was not going to beat even the price on the lower-end Z Gallerie chandelier. So, I purchased the lot of 2 and then continued to search for some other lower cost crystals. I found an amazing selection at Venus and Stars on Etsy. They have a huge variety of styles. The crystals were smaller, but came in larger quantities and a much lower price per crystal. I purchased another 40 crystals from Venus and Stars along with 3 feet of crystal octagon chain garland, which had about 50 individual crystals. My last stop was Yummy Treasures on Etsy, where I found a much cheaper alternative…vintage acrylic clear pendants. The sizes again were smaller and they were plastic, but at such an inexpensive price I thought I would give them a try too. I ordered 10 more “crystals” from Yummy Treasures to complete my crystal shopping spree. The total price for approximately 100 crystals was $110 including shipping.

  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 4
    Step 4

    When the crystals arrived, I drooled over them. They were all gorgeous, even the acrylic ones look amazing. You could only tell the difference by picking them up. Anyway, the crystals arrived before we had hung the light fixture, so I spent several evenings just playing with the crystals and laying them out in different patterns. Once I got something I liked I snapped an iPhone picture to refer to when I finally put the light together.

  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 5
    Step 5

    After the light was installed (easiest light I have ever installed, by the way), I set out to hang the crystals. I bought clear beading string, crimp beads, and a crimp tool from the jewelry making section at Michaels. I thought the clear string would look the best and make the crystals float from the fixture. Unfortunately, after hanging the first few, a crystal dropped. I think they were too heavy for the string and crimp beads. Back to the drawing board I went. Wire was a much sturdier option, but I worried about how noticeable it would be. I headed back to the jewelry section to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised by the 26 gauge wire, which is really fine. I held it up to the light in the store and it was about equally as visible as the clear string (because even clear string with light shining on it is visible).

  • How to make a hanging light. Linear Crystal Chandelier - Step 6
    Step 6

    The wire worked wonderfully. When the light is on in the evening all you see is the sparkle.

    The glimmer from the crystals and the glow from the lights brings an amazing glamour and warmth to the room. The light extends almost the full length of the table and makes a dramatic statement.

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Why not use silver fingernail polish to paint them?

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