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Simple and fancy
After shopping one day over a year ago and being very frustrated at the clothing size changes I saw a beautiful fascinator that was too expensive yet simple looking to make. Here is what I did. I made this over 9 months ago, so I do not have a how to or remember what the one in the store looked like for me to base it off of. But I can give a general info how to on it. My main beef with fascinators is that most of them too costume looking to wear without a costume.
I cut a place of card stock in the shape of a teardrop and cut a slit to give it that bump and taped it down on both sides. Sit it aside.
I cut my satin into a square and sewed the lace long the longest edge.
Take the fabric and lay over the top of the base and start to fold the edges over to see how and where you will need to glue. I started at the rounded edge first. Slowing and carefully glue the fabric to the card stock on the bottom of the base until it is complete. In looking at mine the lace does not tuck under toward the point as it was not long enough to but it makes it pretty all the same.
I then hand sewn and glue the satin rose on the rounder end of the hat. The purple lace was already attached to it.
Place the hat on a piece of felt and trace the general shape. Cut this out and place on the bottom of the hat. Based on how much felt sticks out you will need to the felt to fit on the base to cover the bottom. Once it is the size you need glue the felt down on the bottom and let it dry. Once dry you can add a hair clip to keep it on.
Hope this helped.

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