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Based on Light Bulb Vase by Marie-Christin E.
I thought the original idea was so cool I had to make one! As you can see by my other projects my first attempt ended up taking on a whole new personality by becoming a techno almost steam-punk mini oil lamp...lol. But I finally got around to making my vase.

It is really fun and easy to do and so unique to make these. JUST BE VERY CAREFUL AND PROTECT YOUR HANDS! I graduated from my sock idea to some gloves, duh! Why didn't I think of that earlier...lol, no matter use a sock or some soft gloves to protect your hands, these babies are VERY EASY to break.

I added some of those stickers you have to press on with an ice cream stick, THAT was tricky...lol and then glued some little matching purple rhinestones here and there and added a little wooden curtain ring for a base and Presto! A bright idea turned into a pretty conversation piece. ;-)

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