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40 mins

Save those cans! Especially the colorful ones.
Cut the top and bottom off of the can of your choice, using regular scissors. Cut the can from top to bottom, so you now have a strip. To flatten the strip, pull it down over the edge of a table, on the opposite side of the curve.

Measure and mark one square about 3" (or any size you'd like - this will be the larger pinwheel), and two squares about 2", onto the silver side of the can. Cut out these squares with the scissors. Punch a hole in the center of each square. Then cut in towards the center from each of the four points. Don't cut all the way...stop just a bit before the punched hole. Round off every other point with the scissors (each corner has become two points, since you have cut down from the point). The points that you have not rounded will be folded in to the center...but first, punch a hole in each. Gently curl to fold these into the center, lining up the holes with the center hole. Hold these together while you push the head pin through the holes (the head will now be in the center of the pinwheel).

Using the chain nose pliers, bend the head pin up in the back of the pinwheel (vertically), then bend into a loop. Attach the earring wires to the loop in the head pin for the earrings; and attach a jump ring to the loop (on the larger pinwheel) to use as a necklace. Just thread your chain through the jump ring.

Hope I've explained this properly. If I had pictures of the steps, I'd publish them here...but, sadly, I don't. If you try this project and have a problem...send me a message and I'll try to help!

Have fun!

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Jet H.
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smart idea!!!!

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