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Letter Pendant From Cardboard (Easy And Affordable)

boost up your outfit by making this easy pendand, you can make this initial pendant with someone special like your best friend to make it more special :) • Posted by Uri u.

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


15 h 00


Pretty Easy
Medium dsc00389



  1. Small 800000

    cut your initial (2 idential pieces) from the cardboard

  2. Small rtryyyyyyyyyy

    cut in any size u like but i recomment a small size :)

  3. Small ou

    take an eye hook and place it between your 2 pieces of cardboard and then glue them together (using any glue that'll work; probably white glue :p )make sure u glue the eye hook along with the cardbard

  4. Small hrtrtrt

    now you pendant is almost ready:) decorate it anyway you can glitter it like i did by first applying glue then putting a whole lot of glitter

  5. Small ytuuuuu

    you can also use designed paper scraps and buttons to decorate to give it a cute and colourful look. decorate it any other way you like NOW PUT A CHAIN INSITE THE EYEHOOK AND WEAR IT!!!!!!!!!! you're done :)