Cut Out + Keep

Leprechaun Marionette

Great for St Patricks Day! • Posted by Grace D

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


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Pretty Easy
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  1. Small 6478

    You firstly need to print off the leprechaun on card. Click on the picture to enlarge it and copy and paste it to word.

  2. Small 6479

    Then cut out all the pieces.

  3. Small 6480

    And colour them (green maybe!)

  4. Small 6481

    Once they are all coloured make holes where the BIG black dots are.

  5. Small 6482

    Where you have punched the holes you need to connect them with the brass connecters.

  6. Small 6483

    Thread the needle (looks better with green thread) put the thread in the small black holes in the arms, knot the ends. Do the same with the legs.

  7. Small 6502

    Tricky part... With the arms and legs hanging down, tie a thread to the middle of each string. This is the PULL string that makes the arms and legs move.

  8. Small 6503

    Now go away and play with you new toy. REMEMBER ST PATRICKS DAY IS MARCH 17TH!