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Gorgeous Burlesque Inspired Cocktail Hat
A nice and simple cocktail hat. I've made many of these for people!
Here's the secret on how to make them.

Cut out a circle from funky foam. You'll want to make it the right size to sit on the front of your head comfortably so that's really up to you.
Then you find the center of the circle and cut a straight line up to the center. With a hot glue gun, make the foam into a slight cone shape and glue it into place.
Then get your square (that is slightly larger than the circle) of leopard print fabric and glue that over the cone. It should cover the cone because you're only making a slight cone shape and it shouldn't have any uneven fabric bumps.
Cut the excess fabric from the cone at the brim to make it nice and neat. Doing it this way means you don't get an unsightly seam, and using a thicker fabric hides the join from the foam.
Then, hot glue gun the black stringed sequins over the raw edges of the fabric at the brim. You can also do this over the edge of the foam (you'll see what I mean when you're making the project).
Make a simple black satin bow, and cut a circle of merry widow netting (or tulle will do if you don't have the other). Gather the net in about three fingers wide and hot glue that to the back of the hat so that it faces down the front (see picture). You'll want it to hang over the front. Then hot glue the bow over the net to make it look tidy.
You can glue or sew the hat elastic or a hair clip on the inside of the hat, and that's is really! Once you know how to do it you'll want to make more. And it's actually pretty cheap if you recycle fabric you already own!!!



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