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Adelaide, South Australia, AU
Lego Man Cuff!!!
Wormy Apple Brooch!
Happy Breakfast Buddy!
A Cute Cuff with a lego guy :D

if you dont have old lego from when you were a kid, try ebay or something :D:D



  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    make sure that your sheet of lego will roll around your wrist as a cuff, and the plastic shrinks when you heat it so check first! mine was a shee so i had to cut it up, i snapped it then cut it so it had rounded edges etc.

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 2
    Step 2

    i used a nail file, but sand it back a bit so that it's smooth.

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 3
    Step 3

    dont worry if where youve sanded/cut it is white, when you boil it this will go away. (bad pic but ...)

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 4
    Step 4

    boil the water and put in the lego sheet. it takes a while for it to soften up, just watch it and check it so that it doesnt melt, it took around 3 minutes for mine, but i had a bit of trouble.

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 5
    Step 5

    once you have bent it into the right shape for your wrist, put it in the cold water.

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 6
    Step 6

    get your lego man ready with his bits and pieces, mines a robin hood/merry men one :D
    glue gun him all together so you dont lose any pieces when youre wearing your cuff. i filled his torso with glue too.

  • How to make a Lego bracelet. Lego Man Cuff!!! - Step 7
    Step 7

    sadly, you cant interchange pieces onto your cuff, as the plastic shrinks in the hot water. so you have to glue your little guy right on there. i make mine lie down a bit, just to keep him from hooking onto stuff :D so there you go :D enjoy!

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Lego Man Cuff!!!

Lego Man Cuff!!!

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Matea H.
Matea H. · 1 project
looks cool
Cinderella_Knightz · 2 projects
This is the perfect gift for one of my friends! I'm so glad i saw this.
Ariel B.
Ariel B. · Kalamazoo, Michigan, US · 23 projects
This is so awesome. I'm totally going to buy a Ron Weasley lego just for this. <3
Becky M.
Becky M. · 68 projects
OH MY GOOODNESS! *faint* i think my heart just stoped from seeing this genius project!!
picnic for Tea
picnic for Tea · Adelaide, South Australia, AU · 3 projects
it has to be really hot, and takes a lot of work, its a bit tricky; i think by memory when i did it last had to shape each end at separate times, put it back in the hot water for a bit, its important so then you can get the right shape for the wrist. thats probably the trickiest bit, but after some practice and doing it a heap of times you get used to how long it takes to get soft etc.
Mia S.
Mia S. · 1 project
Hey, once it's heated, how exactly do you shape it?
♥Hello Kitty♥
♥Hello Kitty♥ · Bedford, England, GB · 20 projects
Lol that's mental! Quirky idea Happy
Calochortus · 1 project
I'm so going to try this! It's too cool!
cutelittledevil · Oudewater, Utrecht, NL · 1 project
I love it, i want to make lego jewlery for years, but never knew how.
The bad thing is, i don't have any, my brother and sister do, but they'll kill me if i use that. I want to have a bracelet like this when i go out tomorrow though
Rhibi · Ghan, Northern Territory, AU · 27 projects
This is great Happy I love lego so much but I don't know if I would ever be able to cut it up :'( I love my lego far too much and refuse to let mum give it away now that I'm older!
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