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Leftover Party Socks

Extract from Socks from Norway • By Nina Granlund Sæther • Published by Search Press


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Socks from Norway
Until mills began selling machine-spun yarn, people had to use handspun yarn. Spinning was a detailed and time-consuming process. Eventual access to commercially-spun yarn was a decisive factor in the large increase in the number of knitted garments after the war.
The first textile factories spun and wove cotton. Drammen’s Cotton Mill (later Solberg), one of the first mills in Norway, was established in 1818.
From the end of the 1860s, a new industry developed based on Norwegian wool as the raw fiber rather than imported cotton. New inventions made it possible to mechanize production. At the same time, the American civil war created a crisis in the European cotton industry. Almost all exports of cotton from the American South were halted.
Ole Nielsen bought property at the waterfalls on Ålgård for 150 speciedaler from Svend Olsen Aalgard in 1870. He used the land to establish the Aalgaard Woolen Mill, which was run by water power. This was the first mill in Rogaland that specialized in custom spinning. Farmers brought in their wool and got yarn back. The women of Gjesdal could now weave large amounts of textiles to sell.
Commercial yarn for knitting was not common until a good while later—the early 20th century. The Dale mill was one of the early ones. It produced knitting yarn by 1912 and provided work for many women.
Most of us have yarn leftovers—some have more, some less. There’s no reason not to use these extra yards/meters of yarn for smaller projects like socks! We’ve used 7 colors for these socks. You’ll need about 50 grams of the main color and small amounts each of the other colors. Just make sure you have enough for both socks.

Skill Level: Experienced
Sizes: Women’s (Men’s)

CYCA #1 (fingering/2 ply), Finullgarn from Rauma
(100% wool, 191 yd/175 m / 50 g)
CYCA #1 (fingering/2 ply), 2-ply Gammelserie from
Rauma (100% wool, 175 yd/160 m / 50 g)
Yarn Colors and Amounts:
Color 1: Green 455: 50 (50) g—you need the most
of this color
Color 2: Raspberry Red 456: 50 (50) g
Color 3: Turquoise 4705: 50 (50) g
Color 4: Pink 479: 50 (50) g
Color 5: Yellow 4103: 50 (50) g
Color 6: Orange 4205: 50 (50) g
2-ply Gammelserie
Color 7: Natural White 401: 50 (50) g
Reinforcing Thread:
Mettler extra strong sewing thread, Blue 0350: 33
(66) yd / 30 (60) m
Needles: U. S. size 1.5 (2.5) / 2.5 (3) mm
Gauge: 24 (22) sts in pattern = 4 in / 10 cm. Adjust
needle size to obtain correct gauge if necessary.

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© 2023 Nina Granlund Sæther / Search Press · Reproduced with permission. · ‘Socks from Norway’ by Nina Granlund Sæther ISBN: 9781782217442 RRP Price: £15.99 Publisher: Search Press Available from Striped Stockings (p50)
  • Step 1

    With Raspberry Red, CO 60 sts. Divide sts evenly
    onto 4 dpn. Join, being careful not to twist cast-on
    row; pm for beginning of rnd. Work around in k2,
    p2 rib for 3 rnds.
    Next rnd: (K1 Raspberry Rd, k1 Natural) around.
    Work two-end braid following instructions on page
    9; work from X to X.
    Now work following Chart 1.
    Next rnd: (K1 Raspberry Rd, k1 Natural) around.
    Work two-end braid following instructions on page
    9; work from X to X.
    Work following Chart 2.
    NOTE: Yellow is knitted on the first rnd and then
    purled after that.

  • Step 2

    After completing the leg, divide the stitches and
    place the 31 instep stitches onto scrap yarn. These
    instep stitches will “rest” until the heel is complete.
    Make sure the pattern is divided symmetrically.
    Place the remaining 29 stitches onto one needle and work back and forth with Turquoise and
    reinforcing thread held together. Begin with the
    WS facing you.
    Row 1 (WS): Sl 1 purlwise wyf, p28.
    Row 2: Sl 1 purlwise wyb, k28.
    Repeat these 2 rows until there are 14 chain sts at
    each side of the flap.

  • Step 3

    Shaping the Heel
    Row 1: Sl 1, purl until 10 sts rem on the needle,
    p2tog, p1; turn.
    Row 2: Sl 1, knit until 10 sts rem on needle, ssk,
    k1; turn.
    Row 3: Sl 1, purl until 1 st before gap, p2tog, p1;
    Row 4: Sl 1, knit until 1 st rem before gap, ssk, k1;
    Repeat Rows 3-4 until all the side sts have been
    Cut reinforcing thread.

  • Step 4

    Gusset Shaping
    Divide the instep sts from the holder onto 2 dpn;
    divide the sole sts onto 2 dpn with half of the
    sts on each. With RS facing, begin working in the
    round. Begin rnd at center of sole with Green.
    With Ndl 1, knit to flap; pick up and knit 1 st in
    each chain up side of flap. You can pick up the
    chain sts through back loops, or knit them through
    back loops on the next rnd. With Ndls 2-3, knit
    across the instep. Next, with Ndl 4, pick up and
    knit sts down opposite side of flap as for the first
    side. Knit to center of sole.
    On the next rnd, begin decreasing to shape gusset: Knit until 2 sts rem on Ndl 1, k2tog. Knit across
    instep sts on Ndls 2-3. With Ndl 4, ssk and then
    knit to end of rnd.
    Work the next rnd without decreasing.
    Repeat these 2 rnds until 60 sts rem. Continue
    without further shaping, with instep and sole in
    st st until foot measures 6¼ (8) in / 16 (20) cm or
    desired length to toe shaping + Chart 3 rows. Work
    following Chart 3 and then begin toe shaping.

  • Step 5

    Begin at the center of the sole with Turquoise.
    Rnd 1: (K5, k2tog) around. The 4 sts rem on Ndl 4
    will be decreased in subsequent rnds.
    Rnds 2-6: Knit.
    Rnd 7: (K4, k2tog) around.
    Rnds 8-11: Knit.
    Rnd 12: (K3, k2tog) around.
    Rnds 13-15: Knit
    Rnd 16: (K2, k2tog) around.
    Rnds 17-18: Knit.
    Rnd 19: (K1, k2tog) around.
    Rnd 20: Knit.
    Rnd 21: (K2tog) around.

  • Step 6

    Cut yarn and draw end through rem sts; tighten.
    Weave in all ends neatly on WS. Make
    the second sock the same way

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