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make your own vintage leatherbag
The other day a friend of mine gave me two bags of old clothes for the flea market. Of cause I had to take a look inside and there I found it. A hidious 80s leatherjacket with huge shoulderpads and a weird lining with a huntsman motive. But with a beautiful soft, brown leather. I fell in love with it and knew I wouldn´t sell it but make something out of it. Of cause a bag was the obvious solution. The jacket had a beautiful pleat on the back which had a bright brown facing. It was asking to be transformed into a pleated bag.


  • How to sew a leather tote. Leatherbag From Old Leatherjacket Refashion - Step 1
    Step 1

    I sat in front of the jacket for a whole evening trying to decide how to cut it. I layed tissue paper on top of the jacket and outlined the approximate size and shape of my new bag. I wanted it to be big enough to hold my camera, wallet, a bottle of water and all those bits and pieces that I carry around with me. After I drew the pattern I cut the first pattern piece out of the jacket. Then I cut off the arms and opened one of the arm seams to use it for the back piece of the bag. After that I cut the rest of the jacket into 7cm wide strips for the handle and the base of the bag.
    After I cut out all the pieces I sewed the two bag pieces to the 7cm wide strip. For the strap I sewed together all the other 7cm strips, folded them in half and topstiched over that. I then made a lining with the same measurements that I used for the leather pieces. I sewed in a zippered bag and marked the center for my magnetic closure. I sewed in a zippered bag and marked the center for my magnetic closure. Then I pinned the strap and the lining to the leather, stiched along the top of the bag, turned it, closed the gab I left for turning... and had a brand new leatherbag... It was so easy!

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PattyMadeIt · Maricopa, Arizona, US
That looks great! Already worn in leather is just the best - and the way you used the existing pleat is just fab. Yay for you! (And thanks for sharing!)
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
looks really nice, great work!
yaddayadda · 15 projects
That's so fantastic, really well done... if you ever make another, a more detailed tutorial would be awesome Happy
Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
it looks great! nice job

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