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A quick and easy steampunk accesory
This was a pretty quick project, about an hour. The hardest and longest part was getting the needle to go through the leather, as mine was pretty thick.
I just took a long strip of scrap leather and cut it long enough to wrap around my wrist twice. One end is 3 inches wide, and the other is only 1 1/4 inches, and the edges were cut jagged.
I used doubled up embroidery thread to sew a whip stitch along one edge, and to sew on the button and a thin strip of suede, and the ribbon was secured underneath. The suede strip is on the thinner end of the cuff, and the button about in the middle. I wrap the suede around the button to fasten the cuff around my wrist.

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A.nonny.mouse · 3 projects
Lady Lenore: thanks for the tip! I plan to make lots of other leather items, so I can imagine that you've just saved me a lot of time and pricked fingers
glad you like it Happy
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
oh and I love this project...good job ^^
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
dental floss is better to use or you can also use quilting nylon...both are much better and both act like sinew. I sewed my whole buckskin regalia with both. Also if you can pre-make your holes it goes much faster or you can use a beading needle..they are small but go through leather like butter. Happy

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