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If you’re new to working with leather as well, this is a great beginner’s project.
On weekdays, I haul a ridiculously huge purse back and forth from work to hold my lunch, study materials, water, and what feels like half of my apartment. On the weekends, I prefer to carry a lighter load. All I need is a few cards and coins so I designed this cute little card holder with my new craft obsession: leather.

If you’re new to working with leather as well, this is a great beginner’s project. There is only some minor gluing and stitching required to complete the final piece, but gives a great introduction to the wonders of leather craft.

Posted by Kiku Corner from Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Published See Kiku Corner's 7 projects »
  • Step 1

    With sharp scissors, cut off outer corners of leather, about half a centimeter from the corner. Fold leather in half to make an 11cm by 6m rectangle and match up cut-off corners. Trim if necessary to make more symmetrical.

  • Step 2

    Continue by reading instructions for craft glue. The one I used required a small application of glue on the surface and a 10 minute wait until the glue becomes tacky. With a toothpick, spread a very thin layer of glue on the back side of the trim. With the good side of the leather facing up on your work surface, lay trim on top of leather about one centimetre from the top edge. Gently press down, trying not to squish too much glue out from under the trim.

  • Step 3

    Place the good side of the leather facing down on your work surface. Use the toothpick to spread a small amount of glue along the longer edges of the leather. Be careful to keep glue as close to the edge as possible. Fold leather in half so the two shorter edges are lined up and press gently.

  • Step 4

    Once glue dries, thread leather needle with wax coated thread. Wear your thimble to protect your finger- a stab with a leather needle can be very deep and painful. Starting at one of the outer corners, use overcast stitches along the edge until the fold and then turn back using the cross your hand stitch (see diagram below). Tie off and trim ends. Repeat on other side.

  • Step 5

    Dab a small amount of glue on the knot to keep it secure.

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