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Layered Potato Dish

A Hungarian dish • Posted by Helga D.

My nephew's favourite dish as I cook it.

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My nephew's favourite dish as I cook it.


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    It cost a lot of time to make this dish, but it absolutely worths it! First you have to wash the potatos properly, then cook them whole. The potatos in the picture are done. The whole potatos need about 40 minutes cooking. When they're done, leave them cool, and boil the eggs. (You will need hard eggs.) Slice the sausage.

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    Spread a heat-proof dish with some butter or margarine. Slice the potatos and put a layer of them into the dish. Salt it.

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    Put the egg and sausage slices on the top of the potato layer. Then put a little bit soured cream and a little grated cheese. Then comes another layer of potatos, then eggs and sausages again, soured cream and cheese. Finish the process with a layer of potato. Put a little salt on every potato layer.

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    Cover the potatos with soured cream and grated cheese. Put the dish into your oven, 200 Celsius grades, about 25-30 minutes, until the cheese becomes golden brown.

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    Ta-daaa! Here it is, and it's really yummi! :) If you are a vegetarian (like my sister), you could make this without sausage. This dish contains no spices, the flavour comes from the sausage. So if you make it without sausage, you need to put in some spices. I recommend garlic, red (but not hot) pepper, grounded white pepper, and/or tarragon.