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45 mins

all fluffy and lovelyyyy.
i got uber bored one day so i thought i'd do some cooking.

result? :D

i got the recipe off a website somewhere so it's not entirely my own idea, but i meddled slightly with the ingredients to make it more friendly to my nearly naked cupboards.

but srsly, you HAVE to give these a go. they're gorgeous. :)

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  • Step 1

    preheat the oven to 190°C or gas mark 5.

    then tip the sugar and flour into a bowl, grab the handful of washed lavender flowers (not the 12 sprigs) and grind them in the heels of your hands to get all the loveliness out of them and put the lavender bits in the bowl. stir around abit and then sieve this mixture into a mixing bowl. get rid of the leftover flowers in the sieve.

  • Step 2

    get the softened butter (make sure its all soft and melty) and put that in the mixture with the 2 eggs and the milk. beat it until there's no lumps and spoon it into the bun cases.

  • Step 3

    bake the cakes for about 16-17 minutes, or until they're light gold and when you lightly press them, they should spring back up, not be left with a sinky fingerprint. remove the cakes from the oven and leave them somewhere to cool while you prepare the icing.

  • Step 4

    sift the icing sugar into a bowl and mix in 4-5 tbsp on water, adding one at spoonful at a time and then mixing. careful not to add too much or too little. it needs to be thick and glossy :)
    at this point you could add some lilac food colouring to give it more oomph but i didn't have any.
    drizzle this icing over the cakes and finish off with a sprig of lavender.
    i learnt the hard way that the sprigs of lavender are just for decoration. :D

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