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5 mins

heart apple on black & white mocha.
You will need:
1. access to or own an expresso machine with a steam wand.
2. milk or milk substitute.
3. expresso
4. chocolate or caramel in mustard bottle type containers to accent your design

Tips: I work at a cafe and we only use to-go cups and I've only tried it once in an oversized coffee mug, and the larger the mouth of the cup the better for learning.

... The pictures I used for the step guide are pictures I found on google. But the heart apple & messed up rabbit at the top are both mine. pict #2 of the bun is in relation to step 5 what not to dos. If you have any questions let me know! I'll try to post a video soon! Hope this was helpful! Good luck!! And practice practice practice!

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  • Step 1

    make expresso and place your expresso shots in cup.

    -if you are making a machito or a mocha i suggest you add your caramel or mocha now.

  • Step 2

    take your milk or milk sub and place it in your metal cup. use the same amount of milk as you would in a normal latte/mocha/etc.

  • How to make a coffee. Latte Art - Step 3
    Step 3

    place the steam wand in the milk container and start frothing. make sure there are not a lot of large bubbles- sometimes i get them so i pop them with a coffee stick as i go. also i find it best place the nozzle of the steam wand in the middle, and keep the head completely submerged and move it around a little. stop the steamer around 130-140 degrees F.
    also try to be careful of not making foam, or a lot of foam.

  • How to make a coffee. Latte Art - Step 4
    Step 4

    so you're done frothing and you have your cup in your hand. tilt the cup and begin pouring the milk, make sure your milk and expresso milk and it is turning a light brown color.

    tip- sometimes i use a spoon to keep the froth back

  • Step 5

    once you get closer to the top start moving the froth with a spoon and draw your design with the froth!! once your done you can use chocolate and/or caramel to accent your design!

    tip- as you saw in the photo above- don't let the froth sit, make sure you don't get interrupted while using the chocolate/caramel it. after a while it will start to sink.

    good luck!!

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