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bunting for the literary lover!
My boy hates bunting, but loves books, so I made this for his birthday using the covers of Ladybird books he read when he was wee!

Posted by ash x. from London, United Kingdom • Published
  • How to make a garland. Ladybird Book Bunting - Step 1
    Step 1

    Find the images of the books you want to use (or take photos with a digital camera)

    Print 2 sets of the pictures, making sure they are all the same size (mine were roughly 1 inch x 2 inches)

    Cut the images out

    Using a roll of sticky-back-plastic, cut strips that are twice the height of the picture and slightly wider. Place the pictures on, leaving a gap for a piece of string. Make sure they will be the right way up when you fold them together.

    Fold the picture over the string, and do the same with the other images :)

    Make sure they are equal distances apart, hang it up, and enjoy the literary bunting!

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Valentina M.
Valentina M. · 1 project
I really like it! I don't understand my nobody love this project. I do! THANKS