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How I made a replica of the infamous meat dress
A nice lady named Sophia posted an alchemy request on Etsy for a halloween costume of a replica of Lady Gaga's meat dress that she wore to the VMAs and on the Ellen Show. I made a bid and was chosen to do the project.

First, I got a bunch of pix of different sides of the dress on line so that I could copy the style of the dress and the way the "meat slabs" hung. I started out with a tub dress, then added the layers and halter portion of the dress, pinning them in place first.

My version of the dress is completely made out of recycled red
t-shirts! Some I had and some I got at a thrift store. The hat is
t-shirt material hot-glued onto a tin foil form. I painted the "fat" with cream colored fabric paint. Sophia loved it and sent me this pix of her trying it on with her Lady Gaga wig.

Great idea for an original Halloween costume, dontcha think?! :-D

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Angel  in the Night
Angel in the Night · 19 projects
I definitely like yours more. The idea of wearing meat is a little creepy to me. Great job on it Happy
JaQ · 1 project
Thank you! It was fun. :-D
qt_incamo · Salt Lake City, Utah, US · 5 projects
it actually looks pretty accurate! Great Job!! Happy

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