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Lady Gaga Makeup

Baby I was born this way. • Posted by Lizzeh

Lady Gaga "Born This Way" Skeleton Makeup!

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Lady Gaga "Born This Way" Skeleton Makeup!


  1. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.31 1301035064

    Begin with a clean face. Prep with primer (I used Primer Potion from Two Faced). I also applied a cover up that was a few shades lighter than my skin tone to create that "dead-white" look.

  2. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.38 1301035071

    Add the darkest spots to your face (around the eyes and on the nose) Go up your your eye brows and follow down under your eyes. For the nose, create to peaks on the top (I ended up making the nose peaks higher in a later image)

  3. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.45 1301035090

    Start adding the skull features. I used a flat edged brush with black eyeshadow to create the lines, then went it with a grey to add shadow. You can either follow my lines, or make your own!

  4. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.52 1301035100

    To create the jaw bone, start by creating two black dots on both sides of your face. I found this easier than drawing one and then drawing the other!

  5. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.55 1301035448

    Begin to create the jaw line. I used a small shadow brush for the large areas and a angled brush for the defined line.

  6. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 22.58 1301035122

    Once both jaw lines are drawn, go back in with your grey and start to create the skull lines under your eyes and on your cheeks. [NOTE: If you mess up, just use a makeup remover pad and clean away the area! It's very easy to fix!]

  7. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 23.14 1301035130

    I skipped a lot, but to draw the teeth, i used a liquid black liner,. I simply drew stright lines down my lips, and to the two spots on my cheak. Add cracks to the bottom of your chin with the liner as well. Add more skull effects with your grey, and then go in with your liner and add some defined areas where the black is darkest.

  8. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 23.22 1301035138

    Draw your neck using your angled brush. I simply drew a wind pipe, and added some lines on each side.

  9. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 23.32 1301035170

    For your hands, use your shadow again, and create a skeleton hand look. This does not have to be perfect. I simply followed the indents in my hands and then created bone fragments. Use your liquid liner to write G-A-G-A on your fingers.

  10. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 23.36 1301035149

    Completed hand! On this hand, write L-A-D-Y!

  11. Small photo on 2011 03 24 at 23.39 1301035180

    Both hands!

  12. Small photo on 2011 03 25 at 00.01 1301035185

    To complete this look, i added pink extension to my hair and put it in a side pony-tail. Wear a tux looking outfit with shoulder pads if you have! Enjoy!