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Lady Gaga's Crystal Sunglasses from the Poker Face Video
These glasses are super easy but can look super lame if you aren't careful. This was a costume commission for a friend of mine. I bought actual lady gaga glasses from the store because I forgot that they were the shutter shade ones oh well They will be too drunk on Halloween to care :) Hope this is useful. The only down side is they weigh almost a pound which is really heavy for sunglasses.

Also I'm including optional steps that I didn't do if you want it to look better

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  • How to make a pair of sunglasses. Lady Gaga Crystal Glasses - Step 1
    Step 1

    So first your going to need some sunglasses I bought these ones for 6 bucks at a walmart. I know they're supposed to be shutter shades but these looks pretty alright too!
    and your gonna want to get a glue gun, some craft crystals and maybe silver paint.

    This is what i would do because I'm a detailed freak. Dotted shutter shades don't really exists so I would drill small hole if you have a steady hand and are brave enough.
    - paint only the side without the crystals with black spray paint
    -Drill tiny holes on that lense
    -Go over with Modge Podge gloss luster to get a sheen.

  • How to make a pair of sunglasses. Lady Gaga Crystal Glasses - Step 2
    Step 2

    I picked up these craft crystals from Micheal's for 5 dollars. Now this this portion is very important make sure you empty out a large chunk of the bag I didn't realize this but there were larger plastic crystals that shifted towards the bottom, I realized this near the end which is why there are two large chunks near the end of my glasses.

    -All you need to do is take your hot glue gun and glue them on the way she has them.
    -If you don't want them to look uniform I wouldn't start in one spot put some in the middle on both ends and top and bottom, you can branch out from there and it will look random like you just threw them on (which is what you want).

    - I would suggest taking a hammer to smash some of the crystals to get different sizes
    -You can use hot glue to fill in some of the gaps by doing water drops. (I didn't do this because if you don't fill in the tiny gaps you can see out of them).

  • How to make a pair of sunglasses. Lady Gaga Crystal Glasses - Step 3
    Step 3

    You don't really need to do this step but your crystals wont look right if you skip it.

    -Get some silver spray paint and cover up the uncovered lense that doesn't have the jewels so you don't screw it up
    -Take your spray pint and GENTLY paint a few strokes over the crystals
    -Also you want to do it farther away than you would if actually painting them

    You want to do this because these aren't real crystals so when they were on your glasses they wont shimmer and from some angles it will look like there are big gaps in it. So it's an important step

  • How to make a pair of sunglasses. Lady Gaga Crystal Glasses - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now your all done and ready to be a fame monster!

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